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B2019018 - Class "A" Bank License

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we provide the solution for asset management

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Prominence Bank Corp. is the pioneer among banks of the KM Union. Our sanction capital surpasses 5 billion euros. We picked up a specific certainty among the customers. Our customers are found everywhere throughout the world, with transcendence in Europe and North America. Customer profiles change from business visionaries, ostracizes, law offices, sole merchants, and high total assets people, to organizations.


These days it can in some cases be a hit and miss process working with web-based saving money specialist co-ops. Working with a bank that is claimed and staffed by authorized and moral Professionals implies you can unwind in the learning that you are managing the best.



It frequently happens that real organizations have a notoriety for being hard to get hold of. We make a special effort to be the correct inverse with different approaches to get in touch with us and devoted well-disposed administration staff. We will give unparalleled customer fulfillment in all that we do.

Privacy is a standout amongst the most critical parts of our work. We ensure the protection of our clients through four key parts:

Our site is totally secure. The information entered by our clients on our sites is encoded utilizing SSL 256-piece testament encryption.

Our IT foundation at our workplaces is completely secure with a specific end goal to keep any interruption.

Information can’t be adjusted amid transmission between your program and the bank. No one but you can complete record exchanges and comparative exchanges. Our framework depends on the rule that monetarily restricting exchanges are checked electronically.

Concurring by laws our activities are not managed by Financial Action Task Force (FATF), Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Congressional Research Service (CRS) Reports, or any its International Co-operation Review Group. We provide complete security and confidentiality of customer information.

Our customers are well dealt with. We focus on the dependable answer to our customers’ worries inside one business day. Understanding a customer’s profile is basic to settling on keen choices for what’s to come. Subsequently, Prominence Bank’s proficient group takes after a vital procedure to figure out what is in the customer’s best advantage and to distinguish the best open doors.

We are focused on a reliably abnormal state of customized benefit, concentrated on building a nearby and long haul relationship in light of receptiveness, validity, and privacy, as we trust our customer’s trust, is our most important resource. We don’t give any data about our clients and don’t prompt them, every one of their operations is entirely private.

You ought to pick us on the grounds that:

  • WE ARE CONFIDENTIAL– We don’t trade data about our customers with different banks nor eny monetary authority. This data is entirely private.
  • WE ARE FAST– The record opening system is quicker and less bureaucratic.
  • WE ARE SECURE– Our money related exchanges are constantly ensured.
  • The customer remains constantly unknown. We entirely regard security and managing an account mystery.
  • WE ARE NOT under Central Bank control.
  • We offer superb help. We are conscious of the client and don’t solicit a great deal from questions.
  • We give every customer an individual partner whom you can apply whenever and on any inquiry.
  • We have sensible costs for benefit.
  • Our staff is multilingual.
  • We are in this manner in a position to offer customized answers for the majority of our customers, considering their own, monetary and money related circumstance.
  • Kindly don’t falter to get in touch with us to give us more insights concerning your necessities and we might gladly break down your circumstance and to send you our proposals.

Banking License

Mohéli is located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of Africa. It is the smallest of the four major KM Union Islands.

As a government policy, the KM Union are not part of Common Reporting Standards (CRS) Applied in 2018, 101 countries / regions. 

Prominence Bank Corp. is under the authority of the Mwali (Moheli) International Services Authority (M.I.S.A.).

Prominence Bank Corp. is incorporated under the International Business Companies Act 2014 as an International Business Company.

The registered number of the Company is IBC number HY0051932.
The Class “A” Banking License number is B2019018.


NOT regulated by Central Bank of the KM Union

        The KM Union is a Federation of four independent autonomous islands: Mwali (Mohéli), Maoré (Mayotte), Ndzuwani (Anjouan), N’gazidja (Grande Comore). The island of Mwali is in turn divided into territorial decentralised collectivities representing the sovereign people.

        After independence and autonomy from the previous Republic in 1998, the Government of Mohéli adopted a new and modern legislation for incorporation of companies, including regulated financial entities. This pioneering legislation was known as Mwali Services Law 1998, and was amended 2001.

        Each of the four islands (according to the Constitution of KM Union) has total freedom and autonomy in the Union, including having their own Constitutions (or Fundamental Law), 5/13/2019 Changes to Registrar Site – Google Docs  President or Governor, and Parliament. Article 7 states that: «each island shall administer and manage its affairs freely.»

        In spite of some attempts at interference over the years, Mwali enjoys its own financial sector which is NOT regulated by Central Bank of KM Union. Moheli has its own internal legislation on the control and management of the Offshore Financial Services sector since 1998.

        As further Constitutional support from the KM Union for the independent Companies Registry and Banking, the KM Union Constitution states that «organization of administrative, commercial or industrial entities and units» and «fairs and markets» shall fall within the jurisdiction of each autonomous island.

        Further articles 36-38 of the Constitution of Mwali speak in more detail to the public and private patrimony of the island, of which the M.I.S.A. forms a part, and the capacities of promotion and regulation of the private investment. Finally, the transitory provision in Article 63 confirms the continued authority of the Mwali International Services Authority institution that existed by law prior to the adoption of the Constitution, having been created by Assembly degree at September 1999, and until today, is the only Authority for the autonomous territory of Moheli (Mwali), responsible for financial services and licensing.

        In 2013 government adopted amendments to the law relating to the licensing of banking and other activities. In 2019 government adopted new regulations regarding virtual currencies.