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Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

We are geared to meet the rising challenges that your business faces. With our corporate finance services for the short-term and long-term, you can meet your quarterly, biannual and yearly growth projections.

We provide clients with a unique arrangement of transactional advisory and financial services. Since we do have a transaction-based structure, we maintain genuine interest and objectivity in long-term success of clients. Over the course of years, we have expertly dealt with a wide variety of clients. This gives us specialization in arenas where you might be starting to invest.

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Benefits of Corporate Finance with Prominence Bank

  • You can enter new markets after our assessment for entry and expansion. We can shortlist partners and candidates for acquisition
  • We can assist you in identifying and engaging with investors from established and emerging markets. This smoothens the process of communication and much more.
  • We can also help you structure and raise funding for major and upcoming projects. Advice on IPO and increasing shareholders’ value is all we do.

What is Corporate Finance?

It is a segment of finance, which deals with funding sources, capital structure of firms, actions taken by managers to increase the net value of the company and tools to allocate financial resources. The overarching goal of corporate finance is to increase the shareholder value. It can also deal with financial problems of all types of companies.

A firm, which provides corporate finance services to clients and companies, they oversee their financial activities round the year along with their capital investment decisions. These decisions involve whether to opt in/out regarding a proposed investment or to pay the investment with debt or equity. The finance department also manages current liabilities, current assets and inventory control.

For further details on how we can assist you, feel free to call our Retail Banking department at +44-20-8895-6493 or visit the nearest branch.