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Privacy Policy

The privacy policy given below is applicable to all of our products, website, and services. In addition to that, in a case our privileged customers need detailed information about privacy practices, we also post additional privacy notices to explicate the procedure by which services process user information.

Information We Collect and Use

We collect and make use of information which we need to conduct our business in order to provide you with exceptional financial products/services. We amass information about you from a wide variety of sources, including:

  • Account history (transactions undertaken, payment records, account balance, and credit card usage)
  • Information that is received from third-party interests (credit agencies, government, regulatory authorities, etc.)
  • Personal financial statements, applications as well as various other electronic/written communications that possesses address, name, occupation, assets, income, and identification number.

Securing your Privacy

For assisting you in the protection of private data, the following are our recommendations:

  • Guarantee that the account records are disposed of properly.
  • Use a safe and secure browser while sending/receiving transactions online, shut down the online applications that are currently inactive, and make sure that virus is updated regularly.
  • Never share confidential information online or via the telephone unless you have verified the recipient by yourself.
  • Check the bank statements and account balance regularly and promptly report discrepancies, which you notice in our system.
  • If you are under the suspicion that someone is using your account (the person has unauthorized access to PIN, user ID, and password), then contact us at your earliest. convenience.

For further information about protecting password as well as taking other privacy measures regarding the security of financial data and user privacy, head over to Security Statement.

Data Integrity

We process personal data only for the sole purposes which are accorded in the bank’s privacy policy. We analyze our storage, data collection, and processing practices to make sure that all our practices of collection, storage and process remains in compliance with the law. We take adequate steps to ensure that user data that we receive is current, accurate and complete. We do bank on our customers to provide us with correct personal information, however.

Maintaining Customers’ Information

We recognize that safeguarding and proper usage of personal information is our key social responsibility. Due to this reason, we endeavor to make every effort in order to assure that consumers’ private data is always used and protected as accorded by law.

Safeguarding Customers’ Information

The bank stores and also manages your personal information. We endeavor to keep it current and correct while using suitable security measures as well as safeguards to circumvent data leakages.

Prominence Bank also supervises and oversees resources deployed on the website for handling personal data. 

Disclosure to Third Parties

We are obligated by law to refrain from disclosing personal information to third parties without the consent of our valued customers unless we are compelled to do so by law.

We also reserve the right to update our privacy policy or any other part thereof at any given time. This could be due to (but not limited to) changes/upgrades in information technology or other factors which could arise in the future. With these efforts, as a bank, we aspire to work and perfect the customers’ private data in a more secure and efficient manner. Feel free to check this policy for updates.

Accessing and Updating Your Private Information

You may request to update your personal information that we currently hold in our databases by contacting a representative of Prominence Bank.

We may require reimbursement for access to your information, which we have incurred during collating and retrieving the said information. It is requested that you specify the desired information you wish to gain access to, for us to retrieve it with immediate effect.

A representative of Prominence Bank will inform you about the duration it will take to update/change the desired information. It will be updated in matter of 7 business days. To guarantee the continuing confidentiality agreement, we can deliver the privacy policy by mail, if need be.

Please be kind to note that we reserve the right to deny access or correction of any information in situations where we are barred by law. In an event, the request is denied, we will provide the reason in writing regarding the denial.

User Communications

When you send an email to Prominence Bank, we retain all the communications back and forth in order to deal with the pending inquiries and improving our service architecture.

Login Information

When you access our website, our servers record information automatically, sent by your browser. This procedure is repeated for every customer, every time he visits.

Internet Protocol Addresses

An IP is a one of a kind address that is used by electronic devices to identify and communicate with users present on the network. Consider it as a street number of a phone number by which a computer recognizes another system on the internet. Just as a street address or a phone number is different, similarly, an IP address is always different for each device. For security purposes, we use your IP address to monitor login activity from time to time.

Account Aggregation

This feature allows us to compile the necessary information about our users from multiple locations on a single platform. For making use of this service, the account aggregation providers requires your login information and passcode. In such a case, it is your obligation to ensure that the company providing these services has the required security and privacy measures in place.

When you decide to repeal your relationship with the said service provider, we advise you to change your passcode and other information immediately. This will ensure your safety from misuse of information.


In essence, a cookie is a small text file that it sent by the web server and saved on the computer hard drive. It is meant to be read later. Cookies allow the server to recognize the computer that you are using at present. They are used for personalization purposes. We also use cookies to recognize our customers’ computer. They are imperative to internet banking.