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Retail banking

Retail banking

is now changing at an exceptional speed. Success depends on meeting the demands of the consumers, leveraging the products while complying with airtight regulations.

With numerous representative offices around the world, Prominence Bank is committed to provide you with finest of banking services round the clock. Our wide range of banking services are designed to meet your most pressing needs.


Prominence Bank believes that customer experience is a necessary component of the overall bank’s success. We provide a range of personal banking products along with services that are well suited to their needs.


Our employees in retail banking is committed to providing a superior customer experience that is further complemented by operational excellence. The retail banking department has a clear strategy as well as a disciplined approach that is in line with the bank’s mission to exceed their consumers’ expectations


We, at Prominence Bank, serves customers worldwide. Our dedicated employees assists consumers on a day-to-day basis and help them save for their future.


Our services include:

Relationship Management

Prominence Bank provides a dedicated relationship manager to consumers and their immediate families. We offer facilities and tremendous convenience all year-round.

Daily Banking

This service allows them to have control over their daily finances and also gain access to many preferential products, terms, rates and financial support, too.

Personal Banking

Our service standards and product range are based on international banking standards. This is why we have a global clientele.

Wealth Management

Prominence Bank assists clients protect, manage and grow their wealth with a financial planning process that is tailored to meet individual needs. This is why we have amassed a huge client over the years.

For further details on how we can assist you, feel free to call our Retail Banking department at +44-20-8895-6493 or visit the nearest branch.

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